St. Marys VCNA, LLC
871 Coronado Center Dr.
Suite 200-236
Henderson, Nevada 89052

Phone: (702) 952-2866

St Marys VCNA, LLC owns and controls the VCNA group of companies and works with them to develop strategic planning for the VCNA companies throughout North America. The VCNA group of companies manufacture, distribute and sell cement, slag, ready-mixed concrete, concrete block, construction aggregates, gunite and shotcrete products throughout North America – the majority being in the Great Lakes Region and the US South-East including operations in 10 US states and 2 Canadian Provinces.

We also manage significant international bulk shipping operations on rail, water and road both in the Great Lakes Region and Florida.

We welcome all potential suppliers, customers and or future business partners to contact us and discuss how your superior resources, products or services can help make VCNA bigger and better. Whether you are a small business owner looking for future financial security through a sale of your business, a landowner with significant close-to-market high quality concrete aggregates, or a large multi-national with economies-of-scale in shipping, supplying raw materials or corporate services, we welcome all new business opportunities! Our senior business development representatives would be pleased to talk to you. Information on our North American holdings, can also be found on the web sites of St Marys Cement or the Votorantim Cement North America companies, Prairie Materials and Prestige Concrete Products.

Allen Rook
Phone: 800-462 9157

Marty Fallon
Phone: 407 802 3540